Greetings from Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews!

We are a team dedicated to women passionate about changing lives through biblical, relevant women’s ministries. Our books, articles and resources are committed to helping women, churches, and Christian organizations realize the significant value of women in ministry.

Pastors, women’s ministry leaders and volunteers, and women in the pews will find encouragement, experience, and scriptural support in these pages.  Take a look!

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8 Responses to Welcome

  1. Darlene DeStratis says:

    Saw your post interested in some info. I am a Pastors wife

    • Darlene DeStratis says:

      I am a new pastors wife only since September. So not sure where God is bringing me and my husband. He is an associates Pastor at our church.

  2. I am so super excited to see this ministry and the way God is moving in your lives. <3

    • Darlene DeStratis says:

      I believe this will be the year of some new exciting things for us. I would love to get to know other Pastors wives as well. Hoping to meet knew people and make new friends and build new relationships too. Never know who God might put in front of you and for what purpose.

  3. Susan Martin says:

    I am an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, married to my loving, supportive husband who is also an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church.. Therefore I am both pastor and pastor’s wife. Oh the blessings and the challenges we have experienced in our 24 + years of ministry (33 yrs of marriage).

  4. Phyllis Freeman says:

    I just read “New Doors in Ministry to Women” by Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews. I’ve been in Christian work in numerous churches over the years. I’ve participated in women’s meetings, seminars and retreats. I’ve never read a book which covers so thoroughly the needs of women in our churches today. Thank you for the instruction in organization particularly. I have passed along the book to a couple of women in our church including the pastor’s wife. We are a new church (2 years). I began a monthly ladies’ meeting (with fellowship, devotion, and prayer) to get our ladies to know each other. Thank you for the format I can present to our pastor to begin this ministry in our church. Blessings

  5. Alta says:

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  6. Grace Reed says:

    Looking for copies of the Daddy’s Girls workbook for my ladies prison ministry. Any idea where I can purchase 25 books?

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