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Watch for the relaunch of Sue’s Bible studies in November under the new name The Discovery Series. These new studies will include free introductory videos for each study and additional elements to enrich your study in the margins. Order larger quantities of studies from Kregel Publications at or call 616-451-4775.

First Peter, Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times

(9 lessons)

We all need encouragement from time to time, but particularly now. What will the next headline reveal? more chaos, instability, and division? Where is it all headed and how do we navigate the negative?  Our times are not that different from first century Christians living in the outback of the Roman Empire. Local persecution and sporadic harassment were normal for them, but that didn’t make it any easier. Peter wrote a letter to help them shine in dark days, and his words have been a lifeline for believers ever since. Whatever your struggle, this study will equip you to respond with strength, a biblical perspective, and the knowledge that Jesus knows, cares, and can use it for good.

Psalms, Authentic Worship for Today’s Woman
(9 lessons)

The Psalms are God’s gateway to emotional health. In most of the Bible, God is speaking to us, but in the Psalms, we are speaking to God, and speaking acceptably, even when we are shouting, whining, or crying. But in every Psalm except one, the psalmist finally turns back to God with a renewed and worshipful heart. The psalms teach us how to worship God, but roadblocks may stand in our way. The lessons walk us through barriers that dissuade us from expressing gratitude to our Creator and help us discover what authentic, unbridled worship looks like.

Luke, Finding Truth and Healing in Jesus’ Words to Women
(8 lessons)

Luke is the gospel to women. We find more women in Luke than in any other gospel. This study highlights Jesus’ encounter with these women, conversations that show how much he cared for, honored, and valued women. They were women like us: a woman with a stained past, a woman suffering from a chronic illness, and a foreign woman who pleaded with Jesus to help her child. Two were widows, two were dear friends, one was his beloved mother. Their encounter with Jesus led them to shed sin, bad habits, and destructive lifestyles, trading them for trust, faith, gratitude, peace, and generosity. Women today can expect similar results. An encounter with Jesus changed lives then and it changes lives now.

Ephesians, Finding Your Identity and Purpose in Christ
(9 lessons)

Ephesians in our spiritual warfare manual, showing us how to live victoriously in an evil world system. The book is structured around three basic priority postures found in the text and required in the Christian life: sit, walk, and stand. First, we must learn to sit with Christ. Here we discover our identity in Christ and draw our strength from resting in him. Only then can we walk worthy as we go through our day to day lives, honoring our Lord in all that we do and say. Finally, we must stand in the armor of God to overcome the devil’s schemes to overtake and undo us. These lessons work for beginners who need the basics as well as seasoned Bible students.

Proverbs, Authentic Wisdom for a Postmodern World (Volume 1)
(9 lessons)

The old adage live and learn is the hard way to go through life. How much easier to learn and then go out and live well. Proverbs are short pithy sayings that show us how the world works, equipping us to be discerning, wise women. It’s one thing to know a truth intellectually; another to know how to live out that truth skillfully. Wisdom is knowing what to do as we face the next thing in our path. That’s what  Proverbs teaches us. The first three lessons in Volume 1 focus on the origin and value of wisdom. The next six lessons tackle topics like friendship and community, the lure of sexual temptation and romance, overcoming chaos, the power of the tongue, and relating to non-believers in our neighborhoods and communities. If you are looking for a study to help develop a biblical world view related to practical matters of everyday life and then to live out of that perspective, this study is for you.

Proverbs, Authentic Wisdom for a Postmodern World
(Volume 2)
(9 lessons)

Proverbs Volume 2 can follow Volume 1 or stand alone. This study covers topics like mentoring, developing patience in place of anger, and wisdom in handling finances. Other lessons focus on fear of death and aging,  overcoming pride and insecurity, and becoming a woman of discernment and discretion. One lesson helps women correct erroneous views of God as we discover wisdom’s prerequisite, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. The final lesson debunks the superwoman mirage of the Proverbs 31 woman, while teaching women basic truths about godly qualities to emulate. Biblically based yet practical.



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