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I love words but I’m drowning in them. I prefer action encased in love–the love of God. Instead of words, I’d rather take you out for a cup of joe, paint a needy neighbor’s fence with you, or stock a food pantry together, but since words are my only way to reach you right now, I’ll use just a few, I promise.

I’m a sold-out Jesus-follower, devoted wife of 40 years, doting mom of two, grandmother of five, spoiler of a Westie and a cantankerous cat, seminary professor of the brightest-going-everywhere students on the planet, friend of women pioneers and patrons, guide to Spirited future-teachers, and connoisseur of strong coffee, Swiss chocolate, good words and fine film.

I wear two rings: one a diamond my husband gave me on the banks of the Sea of Galilee on our 25th wedding anniversary; the other a replica of the ring Martin Luther created for his wife, Katie Von Boren, symbolizing his discovery of the gracious love of God. Thus, before my eyes are constant reminders of what I hold dearest: my first love Jesus, my life line of grace, and family and friends.

Sue with David and grandson Will

I write Bible studies to carry women deep into God’s Love Letters. Those words revolutionized my life and I’d love for them to turn your world upside down. With friends, I write books exploring titillating topics that mark how we live together and woo, or fail to woo, people to Jesus. I write blogs when I have something to say. Check them out.

Enough about me. What about you? If you find our words or resources helpful, let us know. Going alone misses the point. The point is to live all out while here and leave a radiant footprint behind. We’d like to come and go with purpose. Want to join us?

Every blessing,

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